Jetstream Cairns Pools & Swim Spas

A pool that fits your lifestyle, all year round.

A Jetstream pool is an affordable alternative to a traditional pool. It’s better for our environment and better for you. With a Jetstream pool you’ll never need to pay for gym memberships or exercise classes again: exercise in zero impact on your joints, get more of a workout and enjoy all the proven benefits on your body of swimming in warm water.

Made from steel reinforced concrete a Jetstream Pool offers far more quality than ‘plastic’ alternatives. A Jetstream Pool can be installed in just one day, and will last a lifetime.

Click here to view the National Swimming Pool Foundations Free Flipbook which outlines the health benefits of swimming in hot water.

It features:

  • jetstream pools cairns

    Seating for 6 persons

  • Dimensions (4000 x 2300 x 1200)
  • 6 deep tissue massage hydrotherapy jets
  • 8 in seat air bubblers for a full body massage experience
  • 900mm ribbon waterfall with a control valve and LED lighting
  • Premium German designed Badu swim jets provide a mild to Olympic style workout with endless swimming
  • LED underwater and waterfall effect lighting
  • Low cost heating using air to water heat pump technology
  • Hand held remote control for all functions
  • Fully tiled internal swim and seat areas
  • Stainless steel step access and exercise rails

Dave Bissell, Founder, Jetstream Pools Cairns

After 45 years building pools across Australia and America Dave recognised a need for a smarter solution than your average pool. He’d build massive pools for clients whom would only end up using them 2 or 3 months in the year. It didn’t make sense to invest so much money into something that would be used so little. He also recognised blocks of land were getting smaller and people had much less space in their

backyards. Also the growing demand for an “environmentally sound” solution was growing. In 2008 Dave created his first Jetstream Pool. Made from steel reinforced concrete, he created a mold that would allow him to make a Jetstream Pool and freight it to any location in Australia. If you’re looking for a more affordable, smarter solution that you can use all year round, consider a Jetstream Pool.

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